Welcome to Adult Gamers Community

Updated February 2018 by Plunkin'

After being born on 6/30/2009, we have continued to thrive and make it through hurdles to carry on with our DOD:S servers. We aim to provide a fun and casual gaming experience for the adult DOD:S gaming community. We promote an adults only atmosphere with 18 years old and over players. We don't tolerate players with bad attitudes who take out their issues on other players and we don't tolerate whiners, prepubescent or otherwise! Keep it fun! We ARE NOT a clan... just a bunch of friends having a good time. AGC was made by adults for adults.

We currently have two DOD:S servers, a 20 slot DOD:S Gungame EXTREME server (rockets and nades only) and a 28 slot DOD:S Gungame server for balls to the wall gaming!

We have custom maps, parachutes, medic, bombs (TNT), flamethrowers, jetpacks and more! We also use HLstatsX:CE. And just to paraphrase, we are casual gamers community. We encourage trash talk (within reason) and swearing all in the name of fun!

As I said, these are adult game servers. Adult defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictioary as it applies to us:

Adult - adjective \a-'dalt\
Definition of ADULT
1: fully developed and mature : grown-up
2: of, relating to, intended for, or befitting adults <an adult approach to a problem>

Although swearing is fine here, we do not condone material (through names or tags, chat, voice communication or sprays) of the following nature: hard-core, suggestive sexual activity, crude, indecent, lewd, obscene, racial, religious beliefs, demeaning of the opposite sex, etc. - Hopefully you get the point!!!

If you can't deal with that then find another server!

If you like what you see... Game on and have fun! And maybe stop by the forums, register and introduce yourself. If you don't like the way we do things then kiss my ass :-P

If you don't have it... get it here: