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The AGC "Need to Know" List

Updated on April 21, 2013 by Plunkin'

Friendly Fire and Alltalk are always on!
(Keep the majority of the chit chat game related)

Server rules
Reserved Slots
How to Record a Demo

Server Rules

These are Adult Servers... 18 and over only! Kids will be banned
Respect your fellow players and listen to the Admins.
Don't be an ass hole and there won't be a problem... In other words act like an adult. The definition of Adult by the Merriam-Webster Dictioary as it applies to us:

Adult - adjective \a-'dalt\
Definition of ADULT
1: fully developed and mature : grown-up
2: of, relating to, intended for, or befitting adults <an adult approach to a problem>

Although swearing is fine here, we do not condone material (through names or tags, chat, voice communication or sprays) of the following nature: hard-core, suggestive sexual activity, crude, indecent, lewd, obscene, racial, religious beliefs, demeaning of the opposite sex, etc.
No mom jokes or comments.
Trash talk (talkin' shit) is allowed and encouraged within reason... keep it fun!
No mic spamming. This includes playing music and using HLSS (short occasional snippets are ok but excessive use will not be tolerated) or any software to enhance the sound of your voice. Don't carry on a long conversation about non-game-related issues. No yelling/screaming over the mic.
Don't TK (team kill) or TW (team wound) on purpose... That will get you banned. Always apologize for accidental TK's! If you don't apologize, don't expect to be automatically forgiven. We use a TK plugin that's designed for the ass holes who come in specifically to TK and disrupt game play. So forgive accidental TK's. Five unforgiven TK's will result in a one day ban.
Listen to and respect the Admins... We try to maintain casual gaming servers. If an Admin asks you to do something within reason then you need to listen and do it... I don't care who you are or how long you've been here!
If you believe you're being treated unfairly by an admin then send me (Plunkin) a PM via the forums (you'll have to be registered and logged in). If you do not wish to register then you can email me at Tell me who you are (with Steam ID), who the admin was, which server, when and the circumstances. I will follow up on all requests.
Portal camping (sitting on, next to or strafing a portal swinging away) with a shovel is NOT allowed. You can camp from a distance with a firearm as long as a player can come through and move. This is viewed by us as an exploit with the Gungame mod.
Spawn camping is allowed!

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The Goodies

WTF! ... What's the deal with Parachutes?
Just jump/fall/run off of something tall and hold down your "use" key ('e' by default).
WTF! ... Why is everyone running around yelling medic?
Bind a key to "say !medic". It boosts your health when you are running low. You can use it twice per spawn.
WTF! ... Why are people glowing?
Yeah... Type "glow colors" in chat to see a list of the colors, then type "glow blue" to glow blue, "glow yellow" for yellow, etc.
WTF! ... Why are bombs going off everywhere?
Everyone gets one TNT per spawn. To use it bind a key to "!bomb". This is a 2 step procedure. By using the !bomb command, you will set that little transparent bomb model, just like the one on the detonation maps. You can place it anywhere, but don't place it in your own spawn... you'll piss off your team mates and probably end up teamkilling! After setting the model, you can then place your bomb by using your "use" key ('e' by default). Place it and run like hell! (10 second fuse)
WTF! ... What are all these sound clips I keep hearing?
We have a 'say sounds' plugin that we use. We do not condone excessive use of HLSS or any other external sound producing software that plays long sound clips, music or use to enhance one's voice. This is a simple plugin that plays a short sound clip when a trigger word is typed in chat. For a menu/list of trigger words you type !soundlist on chat. For a client side settings menu you type !sounds in chat.

The rest of these goodies are occasionally turned on at an admin's discretion

WTF! ... Why are players on fire?
We have Flamethrowers! Bind a key to "sm_flame". Aim at someone and set them on fire! But be careful not to set your teammates on fire. Everyone gets four blasts per spawn when they are turned on.
WTF! ... Why are people flying?
We turn on the jetpacks now and then. To use the jetpack, bind a key to "+sm_jetpack". Just look in the direction you want to fly and push the key you bound it to. You have a limited fuel supply so use it wisely. You get a full fuel tank per spawn. It's a bit funky at first, but you'll get it.

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Reserved Slots

I have a reserved slot... How do I join a full server?

First off... If the server is full you won't be able to join through the Steam Server List interface. There are a couple other ways to connect to the server so it will recognize your reserved slot...

Through the console. Just type connect for Gungame or connect for the Gungame EXTREME Server
Make a shortcut on your desktop: (to where ever steam.exe is located)
"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 300 +connect for the Gungame Server
"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 300 +connect for the Gungame EXTREME Server

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How to Record a Demo

Where the hell is an admin when you need one?

We have lots of admins around but there may be a time when there are none on. If that's the case when someone you believe is hacking or there's some ass hole mic spamming or just being a total ass and breaking the rules, record a demo, get their Steam ID (type status in console) and the player name (or close to it). Then you can go to our bans page (Sourcebans) and follow the instructions to submit a ban request.

How do I record a demo?

How to start a demo recording:
Enter your console (press the ~ key)
Type into the console record [approx_player_name]
Press enter
Press escape or ~ again to return to game.

To record a demo in first person...
Go into Spectate
Press the Ctrl key, on the furthest right drop down menu select "Free Look", press the Ctrl key again
Left or right click your mouse to cycle backwards or forwards through the players until you get to your target
If your target dies, wait a second for them to respawn
Record just enough to get enough evidence to justify a ban.

How to stop a demo recording: Enter your console (press the ~ key)
Type into the console stop
Press enter
Press escape or ~ again to return to game

How to view your demo: Quit the game
Enter your console (press the ~ key)
Type into the console demoui
Then you can left click on the demoui control panel top and drag anywhere on your screen
Click on "load" and it will bring up your Dod directory where all your demos get stored, click on the demo name you used to open it and click play to review
You can use the slider to slow down or speed up play back.
Make note of "ticks" for relevant times in the demo

Where is your demo located: Demo files are saved in your DOD folder. Example: C:\program files\steam\steam apps\your user name\day of defeat source\dod\ You can also do a search on your computer for files with the .dem extension

Example: I’m going to record a demo of a player named “Deux Maus” who is intentionally team wounding. The first thing I do is start a demo immediately. I will do this by going to console and typing record deaux_maus (or something close to the players name) and hit enter. Then I will switch to spectate mode and cycle until I’m on that player. Finally I will switch my view to first person so that I can see what they see. Once a good example of the offense is recorded I must stop my recording, so I will go to the console and type stop and press enter. I'll quit the game. I can now view my demo.

You can also use the following binds to quickly record demos on the fly:
bind F9 "record asshat1"
bind F10 "record asshat2"
bind F12 "stop"
*** If you use the binds then you should go to your dod folder and rename 'asshat1.dem' and/or 'asshat2.dem' to 'playername.dem' and/or 'playername2.dem' for easy reference.

To upload a demo as an attachment in a PM or in the forums or if you are submitting a ban through Sourcebans you'll have to compress it using Winrar or Winzip with a .rar or .zip extension.

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